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An Introduction to Virtual Reality

This two-day, introductory workshop will cover the artistry and storytelling of VR. The workshop will start by covering the history of  VR and will take attendees through existing VR content. Different types of VR filmmaking and VR cameras will be discussed. The second day will allow attendees to get more hands-on with a VR shoot. At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to view this VR footage in Samsung Gear VR headsets.


If are interested in extending you knowledge our 360 Video Stitching with Kolor Workshop is the ideal companion class to this class. Details will be posted soon.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates


Monday - Tuesday, May 22nd - 23rd
Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles
An Introduction to Virtual Reality - LA 5/22/17 & 5/23/17: $800.00

Day 1

  • The history of VR
  • Best of VR – viewing and discussion of VR content
  • VR storytelling and the basis of VR filmmaking
    • Live action VR versus game engine based VR
    • 2D VR versus 3D VR
    • VR rigs and camera available on the market
  • Introduction to VR equipment
  • Creation and writing of the VR demo for Day 2
  • How to use the limitation of the equipment / location to create the best VR experience possible

Day 2

  • Summary of first day
  • VR shoot
  • Unloading the SD cards / the delicate question of data management for VR
  • Stitching: Theory
  • Review of the demo(s) in the headset

This is an entry-level workshop for those who are new to VR. It is ideal for producers, directors, and DPs.

Celine Tricart has directed several short films, three of which were shot in 3D, and received many awards around the world, including a selection at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and a Creative Award from the International Advanced Imaging Society.

Since 2008 when she graduated from the famous ENS Louis Lumiere film school in Paris, she was the stereographer of more than 20 live broadcasts, commercials and documentaries, and of the first French 3D feature film “Behind the Walls”. Celine then became the first-ever feature film female stereographer.

Celine Tricart published a book about 3D storytelling in early 2013 and then moved to Los Angeles. She now works closely with the award-winning company 3ality Technica on numerous projects including “Stalingrad” by director Fedor Bondarchuk and “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction” by director Michael Bay.

Celine is now developing her first feature film and is also looking into TV as a fascinating new medium to tell her compelling stories. Her new book “3D Filmmaking: Concepts and Techniques for Stereoscopic Filmmakers” is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Celine recently created her production company “Lucid Dreams Productions” in 2015 focusing on new technologies including Stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality. Her first VR film, “Marriage Equality” was shot in July 2015 using the new Nokia Ozo VR camera and produced by 3ality Technica.


After studying film in France and in the US, Arnaud Paris became a VR director and stereographer working on a variety of formats including documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films.

Between 2009 and 2012, Arnaud trained film professionals in France on stereoscopic filmmaking, and since 2013 has given several VR workshops for the Topanga Film Institute and VideoStitch in Los Angeles. He was a guest teacher in the UCLA Professional Program in 2014 and 2015, and has spoken in a large numbers of panels, tradeshows and festivals throughout his career.

Some of Arnaud’s recent immersive work includes The Land of the Bears, a feature documentary co-produced by James Cameron about Grizzly bears in Kamchatka. Arnaud has filmed major monuments around the world, including the Temple of Songwangsa in South Korea, the Sistine Chapel in Rome and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He participated in Michel Conte’s feature film art project The Girl From Nagasaki (Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2014) and recently directed a feature documentary about the artists of the Burning Man festival in 3D. In the last two years, Arnaud has been teaching innovative filmmaking at UCLA and shot several VR projects for companies like StarVR, Toyota, Nascar and Reliance. He has also been consutling for leading VR companies in the industry like VideoStitch.

Arnaud PARIS – VR Director / Stereographer

” Introduction to VR was a good survey of and introduction to the world of VR production. The instructor, Celine Tricart, spoke clearly, communicated ideas and concepts well and was very up to date on the rapidly changing world of VR.”

-Eric, AbelCine NY Student