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Camera Filters: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – A Presentation with Ira Tiffen of Schneider Optics

Camera filters have unique and powerful abilities to manipulate light in ways that can significantly augment the emotional impact of your story. Camera filters also let you do more in-camera, where you have more control. Yet there are not many opportunities to learn about filters and what they are capable of, except by personal experience. It usually requires access to filters and the time and circumstances to try them out. Even then, it helps to be guided by someone who understands their nature and their methods – who can explain how and why they work.

In this session with Ira Tiffen, you will see a series of examples carefully designed to provide insight into many of the more important filter effects in use today, and some that will be ubiquitous tomorrow. Motion imaging examples, using output from several different cameras and two key focal lengths, will highlight the differences and similarities, and show you what to look for when using a variety of diffusion and contrast effects.

You will come away with a better understanding of camera filters and their effect on key imaging elements: rendering of fine detail, highlights and shadows; plus their correlation to exposure, focal length, and sensor type.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
Location: TBD

Filter construction as it relates to function:

  • Laminations and solid glass
  • Coatings and where they do and don’t offer advantages
  • Lenslets and other important inclusions

How filters manipulate color:

  • Spectral sensitivity
  • Infrared issues

Using filters to control:

  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Detail
  • Depth-of-field
  • Highlight flare

Effects include:

  • Classic Soft
  • HD Classic Soft
  • Classic Black Soft
  • Digicon
  • Low Contrast
  • Hollywood Black Magic
  • ND
  • IRND
  • True-Match Vari-ND
  • True-Streak
  • Graduated Filters
  • Polarizers
  • True-Cut
  • And more…

Ira_Tiffen_squareIra Tiffen is Vice-President of the MPTV Filter Division of Schneider Optics, Inc. His more than forty years of work in this field has earned him industry recognition in the form of an Academy Technical Achievement Award as well as a Prime-Time Emmy. A creative innovator, he holds several patents on photographic accessories. He is the author of the filter section of the American Cinematographer Manual as well as numerous articles in American Cinematographer and other journals. He has been an ASC Associate member since 1992; and was elected a Fellow of the SMPTE in 2002.