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Color Managed Workflow for Film and TV Productions

The Color Managed Workflow for Film and TV Productions workshop is designed to look at the process of color management in modern digital film production, from the capturing of motion pictures as digital images to the final delivery of digital master files.

While in the traditional, linear production process, color grading was left until the end of post-production, a newly emerging approach is challenging this view. Color management establishes and maintains the desired look for a production throughout the production process: from on-set monitoring, editorial and VFX to finishing and final mastering.

This course teaches all the tools, technologies and processes of color management in digital cinematography, explaining how colour management works on set, post-production workflows and best practices and common issues. This course is ideal for DITs, DOPs, VFX artists, post production supervisors, editors and junior colorists. In fact, anyone with a desire to get into digital color management will benefit from attending the course.

Computers are provided for each student.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates


Monday - Wednesday, Aug 14th - 16th
Location: AbelCine, New York


Monday - Wednesday, Nov 6th - 8th
Location: AbelCine, New York


Monday - Wednesday, Dec 11th - 13th
Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles


Color Managed Workflow Fundamentals
Light and the human visual system: How we perceive and react to color
Digital camera sensors
The truth about resolution, bit depth and dynamic range
Gamma, linear, log, PQ
Color spaces
RAW – why do RAW cameras need colour management?
Common digital camera models, formats and metadata
Naming conventions
Color Managed Workflow overview
Color management On-set
Color Management in Datalab, Digital dailies and Transcoding
Color Management in Post Production
Color management for VFX
Color Management for Masters and Deliverables
ACES – Academy Color Encoding System


On-Set Looks and Show LUT Creation
How to load Colourlab software and get started
Colourlab interface overview
Basic color theory and how this works in Colourlab
Waveforms, vectorscopes and histograms
Primary color correction
Secondary color curves
How look development tab works and how to use it correctly
Getting different RAW camera formats into Colourlab
Create a look from RAW camera files: Panasonic, Sony, Red, Alexa
Input and technical profiles and how to use them
Film stock emulation profiles and how to use them
Creative palettes profiles and how to use them
Output and technical profiles and how to use them
Making a LUT, exporting LUTs and looks
Applying LUTs
Creating ASC CDLs
Working with Box I/O
Working with Fuji IS
Working with Teradek COLR


Creative Look Development
Monitor set-up and calibration
SpectraCal Calman5 monitor calibration
The techniques that are most effective for primary grading
What you can do to protect image quality
Effects of color: Examples of correction, enhancement and effects;
Popular Recipes: Film Stock Emulation, Bleach bypass, Duotones, Hipster looks, Cross process, Natural color vs color washes vs tints, Day for night, Color isolation, Classic black and white, Orange and teal, Naturalistic look, Classic action movie look, Grunge and horror movie look, Flashback looks

This course is ideal for DITs, DOPs, VFX artists, post production supervisors, editors and junior colourists. In fact, anyone with a desire to get into digital colour management will benefit from attending the course.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.34.17 AM

Dado Valentic is an award winning master colourist with over 17 years of industry experience. Working on some of the biggest feature films , TV series and commercials across the world, he is one of the most sought after colourists working today.

Dado Valentic’s approach to communicating colour science has won him a wide audience as a leading instructor and spoke person for the ICA (International Colourist Academy), REDucation, International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, National Broadcasting Convention in Las Vegas, British Society of Cinematographers Expo, BAFTA, Creative Week in London and ACES .

He is commonly engaged as spokesperson for the leading software companies such as Adobe.

He is a regular lecturer at the Dutch Film Academy, London International Film School, Moscow International Film School, SAE Oxford and Edinburgh University of Arts and Berlin Deutshe Film und Fernsehakademie -UP.GRADE.

He has brought his method of teaching to TV GLOBO in Brazil and South Korean National Television Foundation.