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An AbelCine EXPO is a free event in one of our facilities, focused on a specific technology. Instead of a traditional trade show with dozens of manufacturers showing a wide variety of cameras, optics, audio, lighting, support, workflow and other production resources, we narrow the topic to a particular technology and invite a few hand-selected manufacturers to demo their products. This allows you the opportunity to get hands-on time with the products that interest you most and to learn from the experts. Click on the Expos below to see what’s coming up and to watch them online. 

Traditional tungsten lighting is energy inefficient and produces a great deal of heat. Discover the latest generation of lighting technology from ARRI, Hive, Litepanels, Lowel, Nila, PRG and Zylight. Watch presentations, hands-on seminars, and a lecture by esteemed cinematographer David Mullen, ASC.

Shooting in 35mm PL format used to mean either primes lenses or large, cumbersome zooms, but now there are a variety of lightweight, hand-holdable zoom lenses. Different lens designs offer various focal ranges with certain looks and other features. Watch the EXPO recording to see models from Angenieux, ARRI, Canon, Fujinon and Zeiss.

Sometimes the camera you want to shoot with does not record in the format you wish to capture. There are now a variety of camera-mounted recorders available that allow the user to decide separately which camera, which recording format, and which post path is most appropriate for a given production. View products from AJA, Atomos, Convergent Design, and Sound Devices in our EXPO recordings.

Digital Cinema cameras have unique filtration needs. Manufacturers have responded with products specifically engineered to meet the challenges of these new camera systems. Watch the EXPO recordings to learn about solutions from Formatt, Schneider Optics and Tiffen.

With the changing design of cameras and new ways to rig and move them, on-board monitors have become a must-have item in every camera kit. View the latest models to perform any required task in our EXPO recording. Participating manufacturers include Marshall, TV Logic and Sony.

There are a great variety of lens control systems now available. Analog or digital; single channel, FIZ or beyond; lens data integrated or programmable – there are options for all levels of use and personal taste. See the latest models from Arri, BarTech Engineering, C-Motion, Element Technica and Preston Cinema Systems in this EXPO recording.

Overview There are many ways to send a video signal wirelessly and the choices can be confusing. Analog or digital, SD or HD, live or encoded, WIFI, WHDI, Microwave, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz, point-to-point, to your smartphone or across the world. Different uses and price points offer different options, but there are a greater variety of transmission […]