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Gamma and Colorspace for Dummies, with Alister Chapman

In this intensive one day workshop the “gamma guru” Alister Chapman will explore the differences between conventional gammas and log gammas and the differences between normal and expanded color spaces. Aimed at owners and users of cameras such as the Sony F5, F55, FS700 and A7s (but also very relevant to anyone shooting with other non standard gammas) this workshop will give you the knowledge that you need when trying to choose which gamma to shoot with.

The difference between latitude and dynamic range, 709, hypergamma and log will be explained in easy to understand terms so that you can make the right choices when setting up your camera. In addition the pro’s and cons of large color spaces will be discussed as well as how to convert from one gamut to another in post production. Using real world examples, the workshop will look closely at optimising your exposure using the tools available in the camera as well as exploring when to deliberately under or over expose for different latitude ranges. To finish up the full day event, the use of LUT’s (Look Up Tables) and ACES will be discussed with examples of how to create and use your own LUT’s as well as lots of discussion on which kind of gamma to use and when.

If you are new to the world of log then this workshop is a fast-track way to get up to speed. If you already use extended range gammas or log then this workshop will help you further understand what gamma does and help you squeeze out every last drop of quality from the cameras you use.

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Alister Chapman is a DP with 20 years of experience working in broadcast television.  As well as filming and producing content for major broadcasters such as the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery, he has a large and ever-growing stock footage library of extreme natural events. Alister has filmed in some of the world’s harshest environments; his footage has appeared in movies, TV shows, major museums and events all over the world. Thanks to his strong electronics background – he has also designed several video production products – Alister is able to take difficult technical concepts and translate them into easy-to-understand terms. He writes the xdcam-user.com blog which attracts around 50,000 visitors a month and is regularly contracted by production companies, universities, schools and colleges to provide workshops and training around the world.