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Resolve Looks and Matching Master Class with the ICA

AbelCine has partnered with the International Colorist Academy (ICA) to offer this Looks and Matching Masterclass with Warren Eagles. In this creative, two-day workshop, participants will learn how color correction can bring their movie or sequence to life.

The group will review movie sequences, discussing how the color and mode has enhanced the film. Attendees will learn how to create the traditional “looks” from movies, TV commercials and music videos.

The workshops will focus on matching those ‘looks’, not only shot-to-shot, but also how to apply the look across a whole scene. Instructor Warren Eagles will work with different cut sequences, showcasing his techniques to get the best from each version.

The workshop will highlight different types of media:

  • TV beauty-type commercial shot on the BMCC, great for doing very soft/mist type looks
  • A war sequence shot on Sony F3, for a “Saving Private Ryan” Bleach Bypass grade, a hot jungle look, or the classic Day-for-Night feel
  • House of Cards reconstruction, based on the original scene shot on Arri ALEXA. This includes dialogue and reenacts the original scene from the classic Netflix series.

Warren Eagles will also address how to deal with the different challenges presented by each sequence. Participants will then get the chance to do the same in a timed situation, like a real session, but with Warren playing the client’s role.

Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own footage to work on and share with the class.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Computers are provided for each student.

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About ICA

The International Colorist Academy (ICA) was established in 2009 to provide “training for Colorists by Colorists”. They conduct small group workshops around the world where instructors share their firsthand knowledge of the skills needed to master Color Grading. icolorist.com

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates


Saturday - Sunday, Aug 12th - 13th
Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles
Resolve Looks and Matching Master Class with the ICA - LA 8/12/17 & 8/13/17: $1095.00

  • Using LUTs in a creative way
  • Using Plugins and Resolve presets
  • Preloading your timeline with Nodes
  • Log grading v Lift Gamma Gain
  • Advanced keying and curve control
  • Power Windows used in a creative way
  • Beauty Grading
  • How to approach a session
  • Looks covered:
    • Spot colors
    • Bleach Bypass
    • The ‘Wishy Washy’ flat look
    • The Film Print Look
    • Day for Night
    • Classic Black and White
    • Orange and Teal

This class is designed for advanced Resolve Colorists with at least one year of experience, students who have completed either ICA basic or advanced classes and photographers.

Warren Eagles is a freelance colorist based in Australia. He has an Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.38.31 AMextensive 25-year career with experience in all forms of color correction. Starting out as a photographers’ assistant in London’s West End straight from school, he knew from an early age that he wanted to be involved in a visual industry. He moved to the top SoHo post house Visions in 1987, where he started as a Colorist working on a mixture of long and short form projects. Warren started the Telecine department at Todd AO in 1994 combining closely with their new film lab. He then moved to SVC for a new challenge, grading high-end TV commercials on the DaVinci 888, having previously been a Pandora Pogle user. Around this time Warren was hired by DaVinci on a freelance basis to conduct onsite Colorist training for new customers in Europe. The chance came to go to Australia in 1999 for a three-month contract, and he is still there!

Now a Resolve owner/operator, Warren runs his own shop and splits his time between grading and running training classes with the ICA. His credits include commercials for Qantas, Ford, Mitsubishi, Revlon, and Tooheys, mainstream UK and Australian dramas and documentaries including the first Australian DI movie Blurred and Guy Ritchie’s cult movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Warren founded the ICA with Kevin Shaw in 2009 and has so far conducted over 50 classes worldwide. He enjoys the challenges of working on different types of projects with new clients in both the coloring and training environments.