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Cinematic Expression

AbelCine has joined forces with Light Extreme to offer a two-day workshop covering the technical and creative aspects of cinematic expression. The workshop includes hands-on practice and a demonstration in motion picture lighting methodology. The workshop covers the basic elements of lighting mood that cannot be created in post, such as lighting style, exposure ratio, lighting ratio, light quality, and light direction.

Janusz Sikora teaches how cinematographers can execute a previsualized concept with the use of a light meter, rather than improvise based on a monitor, and how they can take advantage of Log exposure to increase an image’s dramatic potential.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
Location: TBD

Day 1

  • Technical and creative elements of cinematic expression
  • Relevance of creative and technical choices in the visual
  • Expressive light
  • Mood elements (key and ambiance)
  • Style: position, direction, quality of the key
  • Lighting setup (broad / narrow) and relevance to mood
  • Optical and “psychological” attributes of lenses
  • Lens choice relevance in cinematic expression
  • Camera – stationary versus movement – when and why
  • Exposure
  • 18% grey card and light meter
  • Reflected / incident / spot – when, how and why
  • Characteristic curve – film versus digital
  • Log exposure – expanded latitude color
  • Psychology, perception, symbolism

Day 2

  • Determination of real ISO / ASA equivalent of digital camera
  • Elements of lighting mood
  • Ambiance / key – lighting contrast and lighting ratio
  • Key light direction – lighting style
  • Dancing with light
  • Creative lighting – low key – chiaroscuro
  • Advanced lighting and exposure techniques
  • Lighting from previsualization / light meter
  • Aesthetics and method of low key style
  • Candle light – mood
  • Night table light – mood
  • Dynamic range of zones of exposure
  • Detail control of in-frame highlights
  • Methods of dynamic low key lighting
  • Motivated low key – lighting for an actor’s block
  • Lighting for suspense and drama

This workshop is for both beginners and those with lighting experience who want to learn the art of lighting feature films.

Janusz Sikora Cinematographer. (MS BS BA AA)Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.13.42 PM
His affinity with Light expands over twenty years during which he cultivates classic approach to Light as exercised by Masters of Painting, Cinematography and Photography. Cinematic Mood and Emotion are his  favored aspects of Cinematic Expression.
He has received Gold Plaque Award for Cinematography at The Chicago International Film Festival. Janusz has shot  film and video in extreme conditions of the North Pole, Arabian Desert  and Indian Ocean. He has designed and teaches
Dancing with Light Technique  which is a method of lighting and capturing the Scene as exact reflection of  what has been imagined. Dancing with Light Technique engages cinematographer in true nature of creative process where creative lighting is accomplished the “old fashion” – Film Way  – without necessity of “lighting by the monitor”. As such, it cuts post production image manipulation time by 75%.

Janusz designed Light for Television and Theatre and  intermittently teaches Cinematic Expression at  University of Southern California. He has been invited to conduct series of seminars and workshops at Dreamworks  where he addressed subjects of light interaction with materials and methodology of visual eloquence in cinematic expression.
He conducted  
Cinematic Expression Seminar for TATA Group at University of Southern California. He has explored Light with large format photography