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Location Sound for the Camera Operator with Dean Miles


Dean Miles, professional location audio operator, is joining us in LA to help the documentary
camera operator achieve quality audio.

“You’ve spent a lot of time learning how to shoot great video, but recording usable solid audio on
a consistent basis when you’re shooting by yourself is most likely driving you crazy! This is
pretty common in the video industry but it doesn’t have to be.”

Dean has taken his proven location audio techniques and created a 6 hour workshop (designed
for camera operators) that teaches the skills you need to record quality sound. You don’t need
to know everything about sound. Dean’s culled out the must have techniques and theories to
give you a fighting chance when conditions get tough. His entertaining way of teaching this often
overlooked side of being a documentary camera operator makes recording usable sound on
every shot possible. Getting it right every time is not that difficult!

Dean will show you which mics make the best camera-mounted mics and how to record better
dialogue and b-reel ambience with them. You’ll learn tried-and-true lavalier micing techniques as
well as how to take the uncomfortable weirdness out of entering someone’s personal space.
You’ll learn how to setup and calibration a wireless system, and he’ll have you never shooting
without headphones again.

Dean rounds out this camera audio workshop by teaching you about sound elements – the
sound recordings you need to gather when your by yourself to create a quality stereo mix. Then
wraps it up with how to perform a simple post audio mix that you’ll be able to use on your next
editing project.

Recording great sound isn’t difficult, it’s just never been condensed down and delivered in a way
that covers the needed techniques for camera operators to have success.
For more information about Dean Miles, go to http://thelocationcrew.com

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
Location: TBD

Custom Training

Custom Group Training
Schedule a custom group training for this workshop. We provide custom training at our offices or at your location.

Price: From: $180

• Learn how to record needed sound elements
• Learn how to choose and use a camera-mounted microphone
• Applying a lavalier – body and head lavaliere techniques
• Entering someone’s personal space – learn how to take the uncomfortable weirdness out of putting a lavalier on someone
• Wireless system setup, operating, and video camera calibration
• Simple, easy to implement post audio mixing techniques

This class is designed for the documentary camera operator who not only needs to take great visuals but also record usable dialogue, supporting ambience tracks, and environmental ambience tracks. Any camera operator who works by themselves and requires the location audio skills and techniques to record usable audio on every shoot.


Dean Miles is a professional location audio operator with 25 years of experience and hundreds of documentaries under his belt. He has created his own skills and techniques to successfully record high-quality audio for shows like: The National Geographic, BBC, CBC, World Vision, XFiles, Super Dave Osborne, Child Fund, Save the Children, Operation Smile the list is numerous. Dean is also the published author of Location Audio Simplified (become a professional location audio operator) and self published author of Camera Audio Simplified (location audio for the camera operator.) Dean also taught location audio for video for 9 years at the post secondary level. For more information, visit thelocationcrew.com