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Media, Compression, and Formats


This three-hour course focusing on the many different HD video formats. The course is designed to give camera operators, producers, and editors a better understanding of the video formats available today and how they compare with each other. Topics include broadcast standards, compression, color space and recording media. Formats covered include Sony XDCAM/XAVC, Panasonic P2, Arri ALEXA, RED RAW, Canon HDSLR, Canon XF, AVCHD and HDV.

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  • HD broadcast standards
  • HD format breakdown
  • Resolutions
    • HD
    • UHD & 4k
  • Color space
  • Compression formats
  • Color & resolution compression
    • Sub-sampling
    • Bit depth
  • Temporal compression
    • Long GOP
    • Intra Frame
  • Color models & color spaces

This course is for camera operators, producers and editors who want a better understanding of the video formats available today.


Ian McCausland is one of AbelCine’s Camera Technology Specialists and Trainers. He holds a BA in Film from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and his credits include the 1999 Black Sabbath concert video The Last Supper and the 2008 Smashing Pumpkins documentary If All Goes Wrong. As one of the original Abel staff members, Ian was integral to the formation of the company’s rental department in 1990. In 1997, he reprised his role when he moved out West to launch Abel’s Burbank rental department. Follow Ian on Twitter: @IanMcCausland


megan_4288B_adjMegan Donnelly is one of AbelCine’s Camera Technology Specialists. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Megan graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.F.A. in Media Arts with a concentration in Cinematography. Prior to joining AbelCine, Megan was the Technical Manager at Fletcher Camera and Lenses / CineVerse in Chicago. She also developed the curriculum for the International Cinematographer’s Guild Digital Loader Workshops, which she taught nationwide. Megan is an accomplished Director of Photography for commercials, music videos, and narratives. Most recently, one of her commercials won a Midwest Emmy in 2014. Follow Megan on Twitter: @cinemamegan

The class was very comprehensive and will help me and my production company. Learning more about compression and formats will help me ascertain future camera rentals and purchases.” – Rick Nelson, AbelCine Chicago Student

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Focusing on the theory and reality of color, this workshop covers how color and contrast are created both in our eyes and in the digital world. Topics such as color space, color gamut, sub-sampling, bit depth, luminance, and various color standards will be covered, along with a discussion of how color may differ between various camera models.