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MōVI Intensive Workshop


AbelCine offers the only Freefly-certified MōVI Workshop, which is a two-day course designed to fully immerse an experienced camera operator in all of the knowledge necessary to use the Freefly MōVI. Factory-trained AbelCine instructors will discuss and demonstrate the technical aspects as well as the craft and philosophy behind the MōVI system. Class size will be limited to ensure a maximum of three students to each MōVI M5,  M10, M15, or MōVI Pro.

AbelCine Workshop Certificate

Attendees who complete AbelCine’s MoVI Intensive Workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion from AbelCine.. This comprehensive workshop is designed to give attendees a strong working knowledge of production tools and practices. The certificate indicates that attendees have completed the workshop and have experience in the operation of these tools. Workshop attendees will be added to the MoVI Operator List.

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Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
Location: TBD

Custom Training

Custom MoVI Training
Schedule a 1-on-1 or group training. We provide custom training at our offices or at your location.

Price: From: $675.00

Day 1 – Introduction

  • The concepts behind the MōVI
  • Sample footage
  • How the MōVI differs from other stabilization systems
  • Product Tour
    • Handles
    • Camera mount
    • Monitor mount
    • IMU
    • Drive unit
    • Motors
    • Receiver
    • Battery
    • Power Switch
    • Balancing a camera
      • Which cameras & lenses?
      • Adding a wireless follow focus system
      • On-board and wireless video monitoring
      • Power for additional accessories
  • Hands-on
    • Break in to small groups of three to rig, mount, and balance a camera
    • Fine tuning the system
      • Using the Freely Configuration App & understanding the various settings
      • Theory behind the settings
      • Putting it all together
      • Q&A

Day 2 – Practical usage

  • Using the MōVI
    • Majestic Mode
    • Dual Operator Mode
      • Configuring the wireless controller
      • Working in tandem with two operators
  • Shooting Exercises
    • Using a provided storyboard and script, students will block, execute, and record various scenes. Small groups of three will work together and rotate between operator, 1st MōVI AC, and 2nd MōVI AC.
    • Review footage from the groups
    • Advanced rigs & shots
      • Flying the system
      • Using ropes and belaying safely
      • Additional support accessories
      • Q&A
      • Help with individual setups and applications

AbelCine encourages experienced camera operators to attend, as well as anyone interested in stabilization camera systems.


Corey Christian joined the AbelCine team incorey 2016 as a Camera Technology Specialist based out of the NY office. When he isn’t behind a computer, he’s usually out testing gear or capturing new perspectives with his drone. Corey is an Avid Media Composer certified editor, and has previously taught Advanced Editing & Cinematography courses in NYC. Behind the camera, he has shot everything from lifestyle and non-profit stories, to destination weddings with his production company, Going Home Productions. Originally from Farmingville, NY, he attended Flagler College in Saint Augustine, FL, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Media Production & Cinema and Media Studies. See more of his work: goinghome.co


Ian McCausland is one of AbelCine’s Camera Technology Specialists and Trainers. He holds a BA in Film from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and his credits include the 1999 Black Sabbath concert video The Last Supper and the 2008 Smashing Pumpkins documentary If All Goes Wrong. As one of the original Abel staff members, Ian was integral to the formation of the company’s rental department in 1990. In 1997, he reprised his role when he moved out West to launch Abel’s Burbank rental department. Follow Ian on Twitter: @IanMcCausland


megan_4288B_adjMegan Donnelly is one of AbelCine’s Camera Technology Specialists. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Megan graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.F.A. in Media Arts with a concentration in Cinematography. Prior to joining AbelCine, Megan was the Technical Manager at Fletcher Camera and Lenses / CineVerse in Chicago. She also developed the curriculum for the International Cinematographer’s Guild Digital Loader Workshops, which she taught nationwide. Megan is an accomplished Director of Photography for commercials, music videos, and narratives. Most recently, one of her commercials won a Midwest Emmy in 2014. Follow Megan on Twitter: @cinemamegan

AbelCine provided an excellent experience. I was grateful to get such individualized and hands on training. There was an incredible amount of interaction with our two teachers, with the M?VI M5 and M15 models, and with my fellow student. I feel like a more structured and active training course like this is an absolute necessity for anyone beginning their experience of working with a M?VI. I had some, but minimal operation prior to the training and after the training felt a world of difference in my approach and knowledge. The balancing process was well covered. It’s critical role means the difference between a moving shot with walking bounce and a moving shot that glides with no bounce detectable. The manipulation of the motors within the app is another key element that I felt was covered very thoroughly. In addition to various troubleshooting techniques and the offering of a continued support system and knowledge base for future purchasing, which I will definitely tap into. This training course was easily approachable, welcoming, and fun. I’m looking forward to working with the M?VI on countless shoots to come and visiting AbelCine Chicago in the future. 

-Kaitlyn, AbelCine Chicago Student

On Tuesday I found out that a shoot one week away was requesting a Movi to be used, no one on the shoot has ever touched one! Wednesday I find out that AbelCine is having a Movi workshop, so I fly out Thursday morning and leave Friday night feeling confident and excited to be using this piece great piece of gear. The fact that this industry is ever changing means we endure riding the line between terror and excitement constantly. AbelCine’s customer service and training gives you the confidence to operate in the most remote and demanding situations.

The instructor Ian McCausland is a pillar at AbelCine and once again proved invaluable. The workshop was fun, informative and flexible allowing us to ask questions specific to our own needs. On the rare occasion that Ian doesn’t have an answer, he finds someone who does, rather than guessing or being misleading. Six years ago while on a shoot the director pulls out an antique Mitchel 35mm film camera, which neither the 1rst AC nor myself had ever used. Ian not only knew the camera but he took the time to get us up to speed.

Thanks again for a great workshop!

– Joseph, AbelCine Burbank Student

I am very pleased with the knowledge I gained in the course. It was terrific to arrive at my first movi shoot 2 days after the course with solid knowledge and the ability to produce great footage on the spot.

– Manfred, AbelCine New York Student

This is a great class to learn how to use the Movi. Ian is an excellent instructor and will answer any questions one might have about the Movi. The class is great for beginners to learn good habits and figure out what items to have in order to make the Movi work properly. The class is also great for people who already have experience with the Movi to fill in the blanks of things they don’t already know in order to fine tune their craft.

-Christine, AbelCine Burbank Student

Great learning experience was a previous owner of Movi M5. Didn’t really have a 100% knowledge on the hardware. Decided to take the 2 day course and it made me feel comfortable using the Movi where as before I thought I using it all wrong or might damaged the unit. Highly recommend it.

-Hao Hwang, AbelCine New York Student

Technician List

  • MōVI Operator List

    The MōVI Operator List contains techs from all over the country that have taken our MōVI workshop. View it here and take the class to get your name on the list.