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AbelCine has partnered with industry experts to bring you a variety of workshops on cameras, lighting, sound, and other production techniques. View our current course offerings below, and remember to check back often as we frequently add new workshops.

When you enroll in an online workshop, you get access to that workshop for 1-6 months depending on the workshop.

In this video series, filmmaker and DP Den Lennie walks you through the process of importing clips onto Resolve, managing media and using the Color Room to enhance each aspect of the frame. You will discover how to easily grade in primaries, secondaries, pull keys and add power windows.

Price: $99.00 for 3 months

This video will show you what you need, what you do not need, and how to bring all the elements of shooting interviews together to achieve excellent results. Once you’ve made the switch to LEDs, it will be impossible to imagine ever using tungsten lights for interviews again.

Price: $45.00 for 1 month

In this master lighting class for visual effects, you will learn from Director of Photography and Visual Effects Supervisor Bruce Logan. Learn lighting tools, and then watch as they are put to use in a practical session. The class is designed for beginning cinematographers as an overview of matting, as well as for experienced DPs wishing to move into more complex VFX/live-action shoots.

Price: $99.00 for 3 months

This class contains over 6 hours of video, packed with on-location demonstrations, lectures, and real world examples that teach, in detail, the skills, techniques, and protocols needed to succeed in the video industry as a location sound operator. Location Audio Simplified will have you well on your way to a career as a professional location sound operator.

Price: $249.00 for 6 months

This 3-hour training video is the quickest way to learn both the fundamentals and advanced features of the new HD422 camcorders and their state-of-the-art tapeless XDCAM workflow. This is not a superficial review of the four HD422 camcorders nor a quick look at their various functions. This training video not only tells you what a feature does, it also tells you why, when, and how to use it.

Price: $55.00 for 1 month

This three hour class will teach the many properties of lenses, some of which can be garnered from reading technical specifications and others requiring years of experience and access to the equipment.

Price: $75.00 for 3 months