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REDucation is a 3-day workshop focused on hands-on learning with the latest RED Digital Cinema camera systems. Working with the latest DMSC2 cameras, attendees will learn all about camera operation, the science of RED cameras, REDCINE-X software, and workflows. Each day participants will work in small groups to learn, shoot and review 4K footage on the big screen.

All REDucation workshops start at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm for each day.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates


Monday - Wednesday, Jul 17th - 19th
Location: AbelCine, Chicago
REDucation - CHI 7/17/17 to 7/19/17: $1500.00


Monday - Wednesday, Aug 7th - 9th
Location: AbelCine, New York
REDucation - NY 8/7/17 to 8/9/17: $1500.00


Monday - Wednesday, Sep 18th - 20th
Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles
REDucation - LA 9/18/17 to 9/20/17: $1500.00


Monday - Wednesday, Oct 16th - 18th
Location: AbelCine, Chicago
REDucation - CHI 10/16/17 to 10/18/17: $1500.00


Monday - Wednesday, Oct 30th - 1st
Location: AbelCine, New York
REDucation - NY 10/30/17 to 11/1/17: $1500.00


Monday - Wednesday, Dec 4th - 6th
Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles
REDucation - LA 12/4/17 to 12/6/17: $1500.00

Custom Training

Custom Camera Training
Schedule a 1-on-1 or group training. We provide custom training at our offices or at your location.

Price: From: $225.00

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Camera build
    • Project settings, camera setup and accessories
    • Monitoring, back focus, firmware and black shading
  • Exposure dynamics
  • Shooting exercise
  • Touch every button
  • REDCINE-X introduction

Day 2

  • Footage Review
  • Intro to grading in REDCINE-X
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Science of RED
    • Bayer pattern
    • Resolution
    • Compression, codecs and wavelets
    • Negative
  • Shooting exercises

Day 3

  • Footage Review
  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Data workflow overview
  • Color – gamma
  • Production audio
  • Onset workflows and dailies
  • Shooting exercises

This workshop is for anyone who wants hands-on time with the latest RED cameras and to gain an understanding of camera operation, exposure techniques, and post-production workflow.

jeffl_DSC1149Jeff Lee joined the AbelCine team in 2009. Born and raised in New York City, Jeff Lee attended Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of Arts where he concentrated in both photography and filmmaking. In addition to his current role as Training Manager, Jeff is also leads specialized classes and workshops in AbelCine NY’s training center. He also serves as a Technical Editor on the AbelCine blog, CineTechnica. Additionally, Jeff is an accomplished still photographer who has traveled extensively working on documentary projects. His work has appeared in publications such as Shutterbug and he has been a featured Gawker Artist. See more of his work: jeffleephoto.com

REDuction is one of the most informative and hands-on classes I’ve taken. In three days, you learn the ins and outs of every part about shooting with a Red. The information was very specific to the point. The AbelCine instructors were fantastic and extremely willing to answer questions. My group’s instructor, Ian McCausland offered his time during many of the breaks to demonstrate anything I was curious about that wasn’t explicitly covered during the course.”

Nicholas, AbelCine Burbank Student.