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DIT & Engineering Online – 2-Pack Bundle



DIT & Engineering online workshops are focused on the tools, technology, and science of modern cinema. These classes are designed for ACs, DITs, post professionals, and anyone interested in digital cinema. Each workshop covers a specific topic, with each one building on the last.

Buy two DIT & Engineering online workshops together and save – just select the workshops you want below. You’ll get access to the workshops of your choice for three months.

Price: $198.00 $168.30

Exposing and Shooting Log

  • Using dynamic range & gamma
  • Color gamut basics
  • Log characteristics
  • Watching your grey point
  • Different types of log
  • Exposing for log

Understanding Scopes

  • Understanding the Waveform
  • Understanding the Vectorscope
  • Other Video Analysis Tools
  • Camera Matching

Understanding Color

  • How we see color in our heads
  • Understanding color space
  • Color gamut in digital cameras
  • Color model
  • Color reductions
  • Understanding luminance
  • Conversions between standards
  • Color systems in various cameras

On Set LUT Creation 101

  • Types of Look Up Tables
  • 1D, 3D, ASC CDL
  • LUT Layering
  • Legal Vs Extended
  • Tools for External LUT Creation

On Set LUT Creation 201

  • Creative uses of LUT design
  • Live LUT creation
  • Saving LUTs and stills for post
  • Creating specific looks from various cameras
  • Applying LUTs in post software

Camera Painting & Matching

  • White / Black Adjustments
  • Gamma Adjustment
  • Color Adjustments
  • Matrix & Multi-Matrix
  • Paintbox Controls

Monitor Calibration

  • Monitor Calibration basics
  • Calibrating with Bars
  • Color Gamut & White Point
  • Monitor Calibration Software

Working with Raw 101

  • What is Raw
  • Camera Sensors
  • Debayer / DeMosaic Process
  • Raw Data & Programs
  • Raw Data Rate Compared

The DIT & Engineering workshops are designed for ACs, DITs, post professionals, and anyone interested in digital cinema.

ANDY_bio3 Andy Shipsides is AbelCine’s Director of Education. He received his B.A. in Digital Arts & Sciences from the University of Florida and his MFA in Film & Television from SCAD. Andy joined AbelCine in 2007 and has become a trusted resource both within the company and in the industry at large. As a Camera Technology Specialist, he has provided technical support to numerous productions – from troubleshooting camera issues to building custom workflow solutions and more. Andy also teaches specialized camera classes and is a Technical Editor on CineTechnica, AbelCine’s technical blog. Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyShipsides

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