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Location Audio Simplified On Demand


This is no 20-minute “how to” video on location sound. This is a series of 37 lessons delivered by a seasoned location audio professional and experienced teacher, Dean Miles. It consists of over 6 hours of video, packed with on-location demonstrations, lectures, and real world examples that teach, in detail, the skills, techniques, and protocols needed to succeed in the video industry as a location sound operator.

If you’re serious about learning location sound but don’t want to enroll in an expensive tech college or post-secondary institute, then Location Audio Simplified On Demand is for you.

Dean Miles follows his accredited Location Audio for Video course step-by-step, to deliver the material in the order that makes learning location sound easy. The Location Audio Simplified series of videos work alongside Dean’s highly respected book Location Audio Simplified, which he developed during his 9 years as an instructor at the post-secondary level. This is the real deal! Location Audio Simplified will have you well on your way to a career as a professional location sound operator.

For $249 you’ll have access to all 37 Location Audio Simplified lessons for 6 months from the time of purchase. Watch them as many times as you need to ensure you absorb all this audio goodness.

Price: $249.00 for 6 months

Location Audio Simplified On Demand is comprised of 37 lessons. Here is the complete list of what is covered in this course.

  • Introduction
  • Preparing the Location
  • Understanding Dialogue and Ambience Separation
  • Field Mixer Basics
  • Field Mixer Initial Setup and System Check
  • Putting Your Gear Together
  • Tying into a Video Camera
  • Understanding Your Limiters
  • Scene 1 & 2: Operating a Field Mixer
  • Room Tone
  • Shotgun Microphone Basics
  • Sound Perspective with Shotguns
  • Shotgun Low Cut Filter and Pad
  • Axis and Lobeing
  • Boom Pole Basics
  • Booming Techniques: Grip and Stance
  • Booming Techniques: The Art of Fluid Motion
  • Booming Techniques: Static and Motion Shots
  • Booming Techniques: One Hand Booming
  • Booming Techniques: The Sweet Spot
  • Scooping and Choosing a Boom Pole
  • Lavalier Microphones: Lavalier Basics
  • Lavalier Microphones: Entering Someone’s Personal Space
  • Applying a Lavalier: Exposed Micing Technique
  • Applying a Lavalier: Hidden Micing Techniques
  • Wireless Systems: Introduction and Stabilizing RF
  • Wireless Systems: Transmitter Setup
  • Wireless Systems: Calibrating the Wireless Receiver
  • Wireless Systems: The Wireless Hop
  • Video Cameras: The Basic Functions
  • Video Cameras: The Onboard Camera Mic
  • Video Cameras: Operating the VJ Attenuator
  • Video Cameras: Direct Microphone Input
  • Video Cameras: Professional Field Mixer Input
  • DSLR Cameras: Easy Sync in the Field
  • Digital Field Recorders: The Second System Facts
  • Interview: Set Yourself Apart

This class is for video operators who want to increase their quality of their productions through the use professional audio.

Dean_MilesDean Miles has been working as a professional location sound operator for major television networks, motion pictures, high-end documentaries and everything in between since 1989. Whatever remote, isolated, uninviting location you can think of in any corner of the world, he’s probably been there. Through it all he’s encountered every sound problem imaginable and has developed his own proven solutions, techniques, and easy-to-follow-tricks. Dean is also the author of the book Location Audio Simplified and has taught location audio at post-secondary technical schools for over nine years. For more information, visit thelocationcrew.com

Workshop Details:


351 minutes of content


37 Video Streams. iOS and Android Compatible.


Access to the class website for 6 months.

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