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Sony FS100 Two-Day Workshop

The FS100 Two-Day Workshop is designed to be a hands-on class covering the various functions of Sony’s newest Super-35 camera. You will gain a detailed understanding of the many features of the FS100, including the menu system, camera operation, lens options, post-production workflow, and available accessories. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of the camera sensor, recording format, lens choice, and menu systems.

In the first day of the course, Abel trainers will give a full introduction to the FS100 including: sensor specifics, recording formats, output options, menu systems, assignable functions, and basic color control. Topics covered on the first day of training will prepare attendees for topics covered on day two.

In the second day of the course, Abel trainers will demonstrate practical shooting examples, give an in-depth look at the camera’s picture profiles and explain the different gamma modes. We will also explore post production workflow techniques. This is a very hands-on day, where attendees will be able to develop and fully understand the complexities of creating a look with the FS100 as well as working with AVCHD in post-production.

FS100 owners are encouraged to attend both days of this workshop, but AbelCine offers the option to attend either day on its own. Anyone who purchases an FS100 from AbelCine may attend one day of the workshop for free. Please click here for a coupon code worth one free day or half off the full workshop.

Day 1 – [DDET Introduction]

  • Technical Discussion
  • Sensor & Lens Choice – which lenses work with the camera and how they look
  • Body Function – inputs, outputs, and camera body switches
  • Full Menu Breakdown – every menu item and every option explained in detail
  • Color Basics – Quick ways to edit the picture profile for quality results
  • Q & A


Day 2 – [DDET Practical Application]

  • Practical picture profile adjustment
  • Hands-on demonstration of how to make filmic footage
  • Color, Skin Tone, Gamma, and Black level adjustment
  • In-depth exposure techniques – Zebras, WFM, etc.
  • Lens options overview
  • Lens adapter options – Nikon, Canon, etc.
  • Building the camera
  • Lens accessories – Follow Focus, Mattebox
  • Monitoring & Viewfinder options
  • External Recording Options
  • Best Workflow Practices
  • Q & A


Course Details

Location AbelCine, LA
801 S Main St, Suite A
Burbank, CA 91506
AbelCine, NY
609 Greenwich St, 5th FL
New York, NY 10014
Instructors 1 Camera Specialist, Ian McCausland 1 Camera Specialist, Jeff Lee
Dates TBD
Time 1:00 – 5:00 pm 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Level Intermediate,
& Advanced
& Advanced
Provided 8 Hours of Instruction
8 Hours of Instruction
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