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AbelCine provides training on the highest end digital cinema equipment. Attendees of our classes gain valuable insight into the proper use of these professional tools. Below is a list of cameras and technicians who have attended our classes. We update these lists often, and we are always adding classes on the latest technology. Our goal with these lists is to help productions locate qualified technicians on specific equipment, and to promote those individuals who have taken the time to attend our classes.

AbelCine requires trained Ozo Techs to accompany every Ozo camera rental. To support this, AbelCine Training now conducts training classes.

The Nokia Ozo Intensive course is a one-day intensive, designed to teach attendees the basics of the Nokia OZO, including media, workflows and best practices.

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Below is a list of MōVI Operators available for hire who have completed a MōVI Intensive Training course. Techs are listed by the city and state where they work as a “local.” Keep in mind, many techs are willing to work outside their local or hold multiple passports in order to work internationally. Please be sure to contact them individually for more information.

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The Arri ALEXA is a very popular camera system used in both broadcast and cinema applications today. To support the use of this camera in our industry, and to encourage proper use of this tool, AbelCine provides an intensive, hands-on, workshop on the Arri ALEXA.

This workshop is designed to train the technically-oriented filmmaker, AC, or DIT to the level of operating an Arri ALEXA camera in the field as an Alexa Tech.

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AbelCine requires trained Phantom Techs to accompany every Phantom camera rental. To support this, AbelCine Training now conducts training classes.

The Phantom Intensive Training course is a two-day intensive, hands-on class designed to train a technically-oriented filmmaker to the level of operating a Phantom Flex in the field as a Phantom Tech.

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