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Using Small & Large Sensor Camera Systems in Today’s Productions

Presented by AbelCine & theC47

With today’s large sensor digital cinema cameras such as the Canon EOS C100 & C300 it would almost seem like small sensor based camcorders are irrelevant in today’s production environments. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are, in fact, many situations where small sensor camcorders are better suited for the job and are not only used daily in many facets of television and web based video production, but are actually preferred.

There are, of course, many situations where large sensor digital camera systems are actually better suited for a project. Their low light capabilities, selective focus and generally more control over the final picture captured make them ideal for a lot of productions today.

In this session Jem Schofield of theC47 will discuss these applications and how to use cameras like the new Canon XA25 & XF205 and the Canon EOS C100 & C300. This three hour workshop will focus on the why, when and how to use both small and large sensor camera systems in today’s production environments. It will also go over A & B camera set ups and also when to use small and large sensor camera systems together.

Note: There are limited spaces available so register early to ensure your spot!

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Jem Schofield is the founder of theC47, an online and offline educational resource focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking. He is also a producer, author & educator (teaching production based workshops internationally), and the director of The Filmmaker’s Intensive, a bi-annual two week program that focuses on both documentary & narrative filmmaking. His company, Buttons Productions, produces projects for an ever expanding client base. Clients include AbelCine, Apple, Inc., Canon U.S.A. Inc., EMI, Manfrotto, The New York Times, NPR, TED talks, Vision Research & Zeiss. For more information, visit theC47.com