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AbelCine’s Assistant Camera Workshops are designed to build a foundation for Camera Assistants working with latest digital cinema technology. The Digital AC 101-201 workshops cover the ins and outs of building and using digital cinema cameras and accessories. We also offer classes focused on teaching a unique set of skills needed for a specific camera system. Each workshop is designed to stand on its own, or to be a building block for a deeper understanding of modern cameras.

The care and maintenance of your equipment can be just as important as knowing how to use it, and this hands-on class will cover quality control techniques that can be performed at home. Additionally, participants will get a better understanding of important procedures such as tape head cleaning, back focus adjustment, and sensor cleaning.

AbelCine’s Quick Start for VariCam gets attendees ready to use these cameras on their next project. The class teaches the fundamentals of prepping and operating the VariCam and is designed for ACs or anyone already familiar with basic camera operation.

In-Person : April 19th - AbelCine, Chicago

Approaching the role from a professional production point of view, this hands-on course defines the role of the 2nd AC, equipping participants with on-set tips and tricks of the trade.

This workshop teaches the technical principles and hands-on configuration of wireless video technology for studio, handheld, and gimbal applications. It explores a variety of wireless video equipment used to monitor the camera on set, and setups are covered from a logistical and practical point of view.

Join AbelCine for a dedicated week of AC education. Our Assistant Camera workshops are designed to build a foundation for Camera Assistants working with the latest digital technology. The Digital 101-201 workshops are the core of Digital AC Week and teach the ins and outs of building and using digital cinema cameras and accessories. The […]

Designed to familiarize participants with the key components used to build a professional motion picture camera system, this class will cover all aspects of camera support. Topics such as routing of electronics, cable connectors, lens design/functionality, and various accessories will also be discussed.

Building on the foundation of Digital AC 101, this class will give participants hands-on experience with building a camera package according to the needs of production, while taking into consideration criteria such as aspect ratio, frame rates, monitoring and codecs. Different scenarios concerning internal and external recording is will also be explained.

Covering the various functions of Arri’s ALEXA & AMIRA cameras, this class is designed to provide a detailed understanding of how to prepare any ALEXA or AMIRA model for production as a Camera Assistant. Participants will also gain more specific knowledge of the camera’s menu system, operation, lens options and various accessories.

Designed to teach attendees about prepping Sony’s CineAlta line of cameras for production, this hands-on class will cover the various functions of Sony’s cameras from the point of view of a Camera Assistant. Trainers will focus on practical shooting setups as well as troubleshooting the most common on-set problems.

In-Person : April 3rd - AbelCine, Los Angeles

This workshop is designed to be a hands-on class to help you prepare the VariCam 35 model for production. Covering the various functions of the VariCam camera, you will gain detailed understanding of everything a camera assistant needs to know, including the menu system, camera operation, lens options, and accessories.

In this hands-on class focusing on Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras, participants will gain a detailed understanding of how to prepare them for production, as well as become familiar with the menu system, operation and accessories. Practical setups will be demonstrated, along with techniques for troubleshooting and updating firmware.

Concentrating on techniques for prepping a RED camera for production, this class is designed to provide hands-on experience with the various functions of the camera, including menus, external recording, accessories, and more. Attendees will also get a better understanding of which lenses cover 5K and how to troubleshoot common issues.