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AbelCine offers a variety workshops on the latest tools used for camera stabilization and camera movement. View a full list of our latest offerings below.

This workshop focuses on best practices when using the most common camera support systems used in production today. You will learn certain “rules” that can be followed to help you consistently shoot great looking footage using a variety of camera support systems. You will also view live demonstrations of various equipment in different configurations.

This day-long, intensive workshop is designed to get camera operators up to speed on the DJI Ronin and Ronin-M family of brushless gimbal systems. The workshop includes discussion of the technical aspects of the system and demonstrates various shooting techniques when using the Ronin. Single operator techniques and dual operator mode will be covered.

Are you a DP who is interested in becoming a drone pilot? Do you have clients that are requesting aerial work? Do you want to expand your studio’s portfolio or business? Are you already shooting aerials but want to become officially certified? Earlier this year, the FAA created its first certificate specifically for the use and […]

This four hour crash course is an intensive, hands-on class designed to fully immerse an experienced camera operator on the core principals of the Freefly MoVI. Our instructors will discuss and demonstrate the technical aspects and basic fundamentals of operating the MoVI system including the TERO, Freefly WEDGE lens control system, and MIMIC mode.

This two-day course is an intensive, hands-on class designed to fully immerse an experienced camera operator in all of the knowledge necessary to use the Freefly MōVI. Factory-trained AbelCine instructors will discuss and demonstrate the technical aspects as well as the craft and philosophy behind the MōVI system.

In-Person : March 30 - 31 - AbelCine, Los Angeles
In-Person : April 3 - 4 - AbelCine, New York

AbelCine is proud to host the Steadicam Bronze Workshops, instructed by Rey Reyes. Introduction – A broad outline of the planned training: Steadicam® is now a commonly used tool within the film and television industry, however it requires training and practice in order to produce good results. More than just a stabilizer, as a shooting […]

In-Person : March 27 - 28 - AbelCine, Los Angeles
In-Person : June 13 - 14 - AbelCine, Chicago

AbelCine is proud to host the Zephyr/Scout/Pilot Workshops, instructed by Dan Ikeda.

Underwater Cinema Gear follows the Gates STO Basics curriculum, which focuses on the Setup, Test and Operation (STO) of Gates professional underwater imaging systems. The Gates STO Basics Certification sends the student forth as a Gates Ambassador with a resume skill to help secure work on TV / Cinema / Natural History productions, which avoids downtime due to untrained equipment operators.