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AbelCine’s Core Concepts workshops focus on the cameras, sensors, optics, and digital formats used in production today. These workshops are designed to familiarize anyone with the latest tools and techniques used for modern digital cinema. Topics include cinema sensors, cinema camera advanced options, raw and log, codecs and compression, and optical solutions. These classes are appropriate for anyone working with digital cinema cameras and formats, including those new to cinema cameras. Each workshop is designed to stand on its own, or to be a building block for a deeper understanding of modern cameras. See the full list below to sign up for a individual workshop or a group of classes.

This three hour class will teach the many properties of lenses, some of which can be garnered from reading technical specifications and others requiring years of experience and access to the equipment.

In this intensive one day workshop the “gamma guru” Alister Chapman will explore the differences between conventional gammas and log gammas and the differences between normal and expanded color spaces. Aimed at owners and users of cameras such as the Sony F5, F55, FS700 and A7s (but also very relevant to anyone shooting with other […]

Overview Finding the right camera for your production can be a daunting task, because there are many factors to consider and many options available. This course will give participants the skills to be able to compare the different options available and select the right camera for your production needs. This course will focus on the many different camera formats […]

Branded content is increasingly in demand in today’s ever evolving world of online advertising. Brands, striving to reach their customers, need to deliver narrative content to build marketing messages and inspire audiences. AbelCine has created this themed week to give working production professionals the knowledge and skills to approach and work with brands in coordinating logistics, choosing […]

An introduction to the heart of the camera, this three-hour class focuses on all the aspects of a camera sensor and exposure. Learn the tools and techniques for proper exposure, and what to look for when selecting a camera. Topics include sensor types, ISO & Gain, Shutter, Resolutions, Aspect Ratios, White balance, and much more.

As its name suggests, this class covers the use of waveforms and vectorscopes on set, with a focus on both technical and practical knowledge. Other tools such as false color, zebra lines, and histograms will also be discussed, along with live demonstrations of how to use scopes to match two different camera systems.

Devoted to camera inputs and outputs, this class will familiarize participants with the many types of digital and analog video outputs, along with timecode, genlock, remote control, and audio inputs. Demos of different camera systems will help illustrate other topics such as external recorders, SDI specifics, and multi-camera production.

Focusing on the theory and reality of color, this workshop covers how color and contrast are created both in our eyes and in the digital world. Topics such as color space, color gamut, sub-sampling, bit depth, luminance, and various color standards will be covered, along with a discussion of how color may differ between various camera models.

This workshop focuses on cameras that shoot in Raw and Log modes. From the Blackmagic Cinema Camera all the way to the RED Epic and Sony F55, attendees will explore the process of exposing for Raw and Log, as well as learning about sensor patterns, data rates, and storage requirements.

In-Person : August 1st - AbelCine, Chicago

Designed to give attendees a better understanding of the video formats available today and how they compare to each other, this course will cover topics including broadcast standards, compression, and color space, along with formats like Sony XDCAM/XAVC, Panasonic P2, Arri ALEXA, RED RAW, Canon HDSLR, CANON XF, AVCHD and HDV.