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DIT & Engineering workshops focus on the tools, technology, and science of modern cinema. These classes are designed for ACs, DITs, Post professionals, or anyone interested in digital cinema. Each workshop is designed to stand on its own, or to be a building block for a deeper understanding of modern cameras. See the full list below to sign up for a individual workshop or a group of classes.

Join AbelCine for a dedicated week of DIT education. Held in our New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago locations, our DIT Week is for anyone interested in learning more about the work of a Digital Imaging Technician. This week is made up of courses covering everything from understanding scopes to monitor calibration. This DIT Week […]

For many people, Log is an entirely new concept, and to get the very best from Log recording you need to approach the way you expose differently. In this intensive, one-day workshop, participants will learn about Log and how to get the most from it by using simple exposure methods and post-production techniques.

In this intensive one day workshop the “gamma guru” Alister Chapman will explore the differences between conventional gammas and log gammas and the differences between normal and expanded color spaces. Aimed at owners and users of cameras such as the Sony F5, F55, FS700 and A7s (but also very relevant to anyone shooting with other […]

LUTs (Look Up Tables) can be very important when shooting in Log modes, and this class will demonstrate the process of creating LUTs for cameras like the ALEXA, Sony F5/F55, and RED Epic, along with how to apply them in post. Participants will go through the step-by-step creation process using both hardware and software methods.

In-Person : August 2nd - AbelCine, Chicago

Further expanding on the curriculum of LUTs 101: Theory, this class explores the creative side of LUT design as well as apply LUTs in different post production applications.

In-Person : August 2nd - AbelCine, Chicago

This workshop teaches the importance of a properly calibrated monitor, and aims to familiarize participants with the methods and tools used in the process. White point adjustment, color/contrast adjustment, and various monitor calibration tools will also be discussed in detail to give a better understanding of image analysis.

In-Person : August 1st - AbelCine, Chicago

Overview To truly judge your image on set, in post production, or in any color critical environment it is necessary to have a properly calibrated monitor. This course provides in-depth monitor calibration training using the latest software from SpectraCal. Topics range from basic brightness and contrast adjustments, to building ICC profiles and 3D LUTs. Learn both the theory behind […]

This class is designed to demystify the process of onset media management. The class will cover all media types, connections and their speeds, and basic computer science.

In-Person : August 3rd - AbelCine, Chicago

In this two-day workshop, attendees will learn the skills necessary to work as a DIT, an essential and ever-evolving role on set. The workshop concentrates on the production of dailies, and all the tools, software and skills required to work quickly and efficiently. Along with the latest gear and techniques, the workshop will teach the artistry of the DIT.

This workshop focuses on cameras that shoot in Raw and Log modes. From the Blackmagic Cinema Camera all the way to the RED Epic and Sony F55, attendees will explore the process of exposing for Raw and Log, as well as learning about sensor patterns, data rates, and storage requirements.

In-Person : August 1st - AbelCine, Chicago

While DaVinci Resolve is a widely accepted tool for color correction or finishing, it has also proven to be an invaluable application for on-set and near set use. With powerful tools for building and applying LUTs, as well as flexible transcoding options, Resolve is an important tool for every cinematographer to understand.

In-Person : June 23rd - AbelCine, Los Angeles
In-Person : July 14th - AbelCine, Los Angeles
In-Person : July 25th - AbelCine, New York

Focusing on the theory and reality of color, this workshop covers how color and contrast are created both in our eyes and in the digital world. Topics such as color space, color gamut, sub-sampling, bit depth, luminance, and various color standards will be covered, along with a discussion of how color may differ between various camera models.

As its name suggests, this class covers the use of waveforms and vectorscopes on set, with a focus on both technical and practical knowledge. Other tools such as false color, zebra lines, and histograms will also be discussed, along with live demonstrations of how to use scopes to match two different camera systems.